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So like genuine update time, I guess? I graduated from culinary school in October of 2k10 which was nice and exciting. I did something positive for myself! YEAH! I had a really good friend during it and we lived together for a little bit because we did our internship together in upstate NY, but then she got super weird and the last time I talked to her she yelled at me because she thought I called her a slut. Hmph. After I moved out living with her in NY, I was working at a bakery for the longest time but pretty much got let go because the owner and I didn't get along. Strong personalities, yo. I didn't like being talked down to and he didn't like people talking back to him! Oops! Since then, I moved out of my parents house last fall and I'm going to a state university in CT and who the fuck knows what I'm studying. English? Communications?? Psychology??? Whatever!! I now work at Ethan Allen, which is a fancy bitch furniture store to those of you unfamiliar with it. And that's about it in a nutshell. Whew.

Let's talk about the real stuff now though.

You guys, this was inevitable. I love pop music! I love adorable British boys! I love adorable British boys flirting together while singing catchy tunes! In short (ha), I love boy bands. And so I love One Direction. Let me tell you about them.

There are five of them.

L to R: Liam Payne, Niall "Blank Stare" Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.
They all tried out for The UK version of The X Factor as solo acts but didn't make it through. Then Simon Cowell was like "Oi, The 90's, do you remember how amazing boy bands were?" And The 90's were like "Duh, Simon." So Simon Cowell made them into a group so they could compete as a unit. They came in third. Some dude with a beard won and when he did Harry Styles legit whispered this into his ear:


Let's talk about each member a little bit. Going from the most boring to my favorite/teenage husband.

OK! Niall Horan.

He's a lil Irish thing who likes eating a lot but also has a weak ass voice so he never gets solos.

Aw, his face is so dumb.

Niall in fatigues?

With Corey Monteith from Glee because sure.

Here's a hilarious quote I stole from Tumblr:

Niall is clearly the virgin of the group.

Aw, you tiny Irish potato.

Here's a good segue picture:

Next up we're going to be talking about the gay tennis player on the right, Liam Payne.

He's a cute little thing but he's boring for my taste, but a lot of teen girls seem to be into him which makes sense, I guess. Teen girls are boring. J/K they like the best things.

Aw, he looks like a lil British Clark Kent. How quaint.

So glad he doesn't straighten his hair like this anymore. He looked like a Jonas Bros cousin.

Everyone in this boy band loves animal hats.

Your eyebrows are precious, boy.

For awhile (two days) I thought this was my favorite picture of Liam but...

This clearly is.

Let's move on to Zayn Malik. He's the most beautiful but he's also slightly boring.

Me too, Zayn. Me too.

This is also my favorite picture of Zayn. 

Oh Zayn.

1.Shirt Lifter32 up64 down
Someone with homosexual tendancies.
Not all homosexuals are Shirt Lifters.

Time for the Kevin Jonas of One Direction! LOUIS TOMLINSON!

Louis is the oldest. He loves yelling and also has a screechy/terrible singing voice. Like Brenna says, Louis is AS GAY AS CHRISTMAS. But I don't see it...

Here he is being cool straight guy with his BFF Stan.

Having a drink with the boys!!!!!

How can he be gay when he loves kissing girls so much?

He loves kissing with his eyes open because he just loves looking at her pretty face!!!!!!!!


But like, let's talk about Harry Styles now.

I am hopelessly in love with Harry Styles. He's the baby of the group but he also has a handsome deep speaking/singing voice and according to the gossip blawgs he "loves" older ladies. He was rumored to have been dating Caroline Flack, who is a 32 year old TV host in the UK. She's 16 years older than him. Get it boi/girl/idk who the winner would be there. Also he loves making pussy jokes.



You are so sleepy! Let me babysit you!

His curls look like a gotdamn Japanese woodblock print. 

Gurlfriends on Tumblr be loving Photoshopping his green eyes blue. Oh Tumblr!

Lol, what is this move tho.

There Harry is with Louis' best friend Stan and some tall girl.

This was from Stan's Twitter.

And that's probably a decent enough of a segue into the most important reason why anybody would/should love this boy band.

Harry and Louis are so in love it's disgusting how many feelings it makes me feel. When they were done with The X Factor, the boys all got apartments in the same building and yet Louis and Harry are the only ones who live together. And it's not like us fangirls/boys are basing this off of just some fun hugging and shit while performing. OH NO. THIS SHIT IS REAL.


From Harry's Twitter. They have pet names for each other too, btw. Harry is Hazza and Louis is Boo Bear. They are a beautiful gay dream.

Lol, OK!

How much do I love that Harry grazes the back of Louis' arm with his fingers and when Louis notices he moves his arm back into it? OH SO MUCH I COULD BARF.

EDIT: Brenna and I realized this is a gif Harry and Niall. :(


Two things Harry loves doing: staring at Louis and covering and/or putting his fingers in Louis' mouth.
You should probably play this song while you look at the next couple gifs:

Don't worry, Louis. The camera didn't catch that.

"Harry, it's getting weird, love."


I could keep going because there is just SO MUCH evidence of their love but I think I'll stop there. The mass amount of charming interviews and various videos are for another day. Here's their album if you want it. It was honestly the first album I paid $$ for in about 4 years? YIKES! Fave trax tho: One Thing, I Wish (LISTEN TO THE GAY LYRICS OF THIS ONE), Tell Me a Lie, Taken, I Want, Same Mistakes and Stand Up. But I just jam to all of it because it's all deece pop jams. Hoping their songs are more dance-y on the next album. This one is all about showing the world their feelings because feelings are how you are taken seriously. I guess. I don't have anymore because Larry Stylinson has drained me of my lyfe.

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